How To Expand Your Real Estate Business With Real Estate Video Tours

In the busy industry of real estate, you are likely looking for a way to expand your business and bring on new clients. Because there are so many real estate agents to choose from, buyers and sellers can be more picky about the type of agent that they select. If you want to set yourself apart from your competition, then it is necessary for you to offer the “extras” that other agents don’t make readily available, and real estate video tours are a great option to add.

A high percentage of buyers have said that they would prefer to work with a real estate agent who can help them post real estate videos online. But, it is estimated that only 4% of the agents offer this service. So, by offering real estate video tours for your clients, you can distinguish yourself above the other agents in your area.

Justifying the Cost

expand-real-estateAs a real estate agent, you have two options: pay for the real estate videos yourself, or have the sellers pay for the videos. Either way, both parties will benefit because the real estate video marketing will help the property to sell more quickly. Additionally, the cost can be easily justified, because a high quality video can help to elevate the value of the property in the mind of the buyer, which means that they might be less likely to negotiate on the price of the property.

One of the best ways to save money on the real estate video production costs is by working with a videographer on a regular basis. Once you find a good videographer, you can discuss bulk pricing options, and the videographer will likely work with you on the price since they will be receiving ongoing work.

Value of the Real Estate Marketing Services

Many sellers notice the small steps that their agent takes to market the property that is being sold, and by offering the real estate videos you can show the sellers that you are dedicated to doing everything possible in order to close the deal as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most sellers like to see that their real estate agent is familiar with the latest technology and working to reach potential buyers in multiple ways, and the videos allow you to offer a higher quality service to the clients that you are working with.

When the perceived value of your services increases, you will see your business grow as well. For example, a happy seller might more readily recommend your services to their friends, neighbors, and coworkers because they saw that you were willing to go the extra mile in order to help them sell their property. The real estate video tours provides them with a talking point that they can discuss when they mention your services to other people.

Saving You Time and Energy

A lot of time can go into the process of selling a home, especially if you have to do a lot of property tours or go through a lot of negotiations to determine the final details for the transaction. Real estate video tours can help you to save valuable time, because the virtual tour will allow people to view the property without having to visit in person. The video helps to filter the buyers, so that the people who choose to visit the property in person will be truly interested in the property.

These virtual tours save time for both the real estate agent as well as the seller. Additionally, the buyer is happy because they can save time by watching the video tours online, instead of having to drive all over town in order to view the properties that they are interested in.

There are many advantages to using real estate video tours, and your clients will be happy with the services that you provide. You can leave a good impression with each person that you work with, by using effective marketing techniques such as the real estate videos. Additionally, these videos can help you to develop your brand and strengthen the image that you are creating for yourself, because the extra effort in marketing the property shows that you are committed to the clients that you are working with.

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